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Learn To Dive Pattaya

Learn To Dive

SDI’s open water diver course will teach you everything you need to Learn to dive in Pattaya openwater. Get certified today!


  • Entry Level Certification
  • Advanced Diver Training
  • Online Courses Available

Be a Tech Diver

The TDI Intro to Tech Course is an introduction expanding on recreational training by improving dive plans, skills, and streamlining gear configurations.Come for a Pattaya Tech Dive


  • Become More Proficient
  • Expand On Diver Skills
  • Extend Your Range

Intro To Tech Diving Pattaya

Rebreather Diving

Ready To Go Silently? TDI’s Closed Circuit Rebreather (CCR) Air Diluent Diver Course is the 1st step into CCR diving. CCRs can maximize your gas supply and provide an optimum breathing gas for any depth


  • No Bubbles | Silence
  • Extended Air Times
  • Evolve Your Diving
Ever Tried Voodoo Gas? Learn About Nitrox.

Explorer Rebreather Diving

The Hollis Explorer is a true recreational Rebreather designed for divers that just want to go diving.

You don’t need to be a technical diver and you don’t need a degree in technobabble to dive it

Read Here about Starting and What Do You Need To Dive Hollis Explorer REC Rebreather

“Diving Explorer Is Simple, This Rebreather Really Is For ‘Normal’ Divers!”RebreathersThailand.com

Explorer Diving Are You Ready?

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